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365  Raw Wellness

Push past everything you think is possible to accomplish the “impossible”.


Change of Seasons


“Change your Regimen, Change your Life”

365 Raw Wellness plan provides you with our

  • RAWFARE DAILY Detox regimen and 1 year of refills. 

  • Personalized Wellness Concierge Services and Wellness Coaching with a personalized wellness plan to best meet your needs and goals. 

  • 1 year supply of our Raw and Natural Beauty Booster 

  • Personalized monthly Raw Wellness packages. 

Change of Seasons plan provides you with our

  • RAWFARE Daily Detox regimen and 3 months of refills.

  • Personalized Wellness Concierge Services.

  • Wellness Coaching.

  • 3 month supply of our Raw & Natural Beauty Booster.

Great for:

  • Pre holiday stress

  • After holiday weight gain

  • New Years Resolutions

  • Before symptoms of seasonal affective disorder/seasonal depression kick in

  • Preparing for vacation

  • Preparing for a big event like a wedding or class reunion.

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Planting Seeds


Because you Love what you do.
Because EniThings Possible.
and Because you're aligned with our Mission!

Support people facing financial hardships who can not afford to start their wellness journey.


PLANTING SEEDS allows you to choose between 3 donation options:


  • $100 - Elite
    Monthly offerings of three Raw Wellness items to be gifted anywhere nationwide.

  • $50 - Philanthropist
    Monthly offerings of two Raw Wellness items
     to be gifted anywhere nationwide.

  • $20 - Contributor
    Monthly offerings of one Raw Wellness item to be gifted anywhere nationwide.

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Wellness Text Service


We all could use a friendly wellness reminder.




  • Daily or weekly wellness text reminders

  • Reminders about product refills

  • Daily wellness motivation

  • Gentle self care reminders

Email us for couple's rates.

"A partnership that Detoxes together, Evolves together."

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