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I didn't want to kill her, but the old me had to die!


Then, I healed myself from a debilitating cervical spine injury that left me broken, devastated, and mentally spiraling down the drain.


When we put down excuses, we may contend with the truth; although it produces physical discomfort, dis-ease is an illusion that can be overcome, and injury is just a starting point to experience your superpower of self-regeneration, back to maximum strength and power!


My name is Eniola Brown and I am a Wellness Coach, Mother, and Founder of EniThingsPossible LLC which is a raw wellness lifestyle brand that utilizes diverse wellness practices to help clients overcome illness, chronic aches and pains, and persistent discomfort.

I am thoughtful, supportive, and whimsical.

I like to laugh;

I like to be physical and tactical, and I have a true passion and desire to help people heal themselves.


Through holistic practices and a raw wellness lifestyle, I overcame a near career-ending spinal injury that doctors said can only be healed after risky spinal surgery and medications. Shortly after that experience, I created EniThingsPossible LLC and developed RAWFARE, a Daily Detox regimen that has been the main catalyst on my personal wellness journey and injury recovery.


Health and wellness have always been an integral part of my life. I started playing basketball at 16 and just 3 years later, I was a collegiate All-American and earned a full basketball scholarship to the University at the District of Columbia where I also played for the tennis team as a 2 sport athlete. After college, I trained for one of the toughest paramilitary organizations to become a firefighter 6 weeks after giving birth. 

My raw wellness lifestyle has given me the opportunity to return to business as usual after doctors forecasted paralysis, limited range of motion and a lifetime of disability.


The Doctors were wrong! My commitment to the journey and desire to find better, more healthy, and holistic ways for my body to heal is why I am today, even stronger than before my injury and even tougher than my championship basketball days.  Although I've retired my hightops, I still keep a pair on hand to hold skills training for my son, nieces, and nephews and I enjoy serving back-to-back aces to my trash-talking sister on the tennis court. All things that conventional doctors told me would never again be possible.

A forever student to our limitless universe, I study the great works of Brilliant Healers such as Dr. Sebi, 
Dr. Afrika, Queen Afua, Yah’ki Awakened, Ms. Kellie Bowman, and many others. 

I conduct extensive offline research and constantly seek information to help folks personalize a regiment that best meets their needs and goals.

I invite you to book a consultation and let's begin to journey toward wellness together.


Unlearn your limitations, we are limitless!



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